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For a comprehensive fee schedule of 2017, click here GC – California Government Code
R&T – California Revenue and Taxation Code
UCC – Uniform Commercial Code
Recorder's Fee Schedule
  Basic Recording Fee  (Check Real Estate Instrument for applicable fees)
  First Page (8.5"x 11", one-sided) GC 27361 $15.00  
  Each Additional Page GC 27361 $3.00  
  Penalty print GC 27361 $1.00  
NOTE: For any document, which contains a sheet, or sheets, which do not measure 8-1/2" x 11", an additional penalty of $3.00 will apply for every page of the document
Combined Documents
When two or more documents are serially incorporated into one form or sheet, or each additional document title to be indexed - $15.00 unless subject to the Real Estate Instrument fee ($10.00 + $15.00 = $25.00) GC 27361.1 $15.00
Real Estate Instrument
When a document evidencing a Real Estate Instrument is presented for recordation as per attached list, an additional recording fee is charged. GC 27388 $10.00
Additional Recording Fee
When a document evidencing change of ownership is presented for recordation without the concurrent filing of a preliminary change of ownership (PCOR), an additional recording fee is charged R&T 480.3b $20.00
Involuntary Liens
Abstract of judgment, assessment lien and other document creating an involuntary lien affecting title to real property base fee only; must add 1st debtor fee in order for debtor to receive lien notification GC 27387
GC 27388
  1st debtor GC 27387 $16.00  
  Each additional debtor GC 27387 $7.00  
Financing Statements
UCC-1 & UCC-3 1-2 pages on 8-1/2" x 11" GC 27388
UCC 9525(a)
  UCC-1 & UCC-3 3 or more pages UCC 9525(a)
Indexing Fee
Where additional names are required to be indexed, there will be a charge for each group of 10 names or fractional portion thereof after the initial group of 10 names. GC 27361.2 +
GC 27361.8
Copy Reproduced (Cost of reproduction and certification)
Copy of any record or paper recorded or on file made by photographic reproduction (per document) GC 27364 $10.00
  Certification under seal GC 27364 $2.00  
  Mail handling fee when returned 1st class mail (no self addressed stamped envelope required) $2.00  
  Mail handling fee when returned Express & Priority mail (when customer pays courier cost) $5.00  
Conformed Copies
Stamped on extra copy showing date and serial number - IN PERSON $2.00
  Stamped on extra copy showing date and serial number - BY MAIL $4.00  
Twenty Day Preliminary Notice   $42.00
Recording Release of Lien by State or Political Subdivision GC 27361.3 +
GC 27361.4
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  Death   English or Español  
  Marriage   English or Español  
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